Hey Guys, please go ahead and follow @driptherapyfit for all your fitness needs. This company was formed by two nurses and best friends. In their personal lives they developed a great love for fitness and healthy eating. But then they would go to work, and many of their patients were admitted with illnesses that a lot of times were results of unhealthy habits built up over a lifetime, and they were often not aware.


All of this inspired them to create @driptherapyfit . Their vision is to transform lives through fitness by changing unhealthy habits one day at a time. They want to be the nurses that help to prevent illnesses, reverse illnesses, and inspire health and fitness. They want to aid in the prevention, not just the cure.


Their mission is to wake up and impact lives for the better every day. So follow @driptherapyfit for free workouts, nutritional, and health tips.